Daria Tuberman-Solon
My name is Dasha, and I grew up in the banya. As long as I can remember I spent my days playing in the saltwater jacuzzi, going back and forth from the ocean to the pool to the banya. I also went back and forth between Miami and New York. My mom grew up in the banya in New York and when she became pregnant with me, my grandparents and parents built the banya in Miami. At least once a year I would visit the banya in New York where the platza treatment thrives. I would watch my mom and dad get lathered in soap by two huge, buff, Russian banya men who would then beat them with the traditional Russian oak leaf brooms, or veniki. When I was little I thought my parents were so brave to do this, as I got older I fell so in love with this treatment so many of our ancestors enjoyed before us, I get one at least once a month! For all my birthday parties growing up I would bring all my friends to the banya and we would do mud masks, taking pictures and videos. As an adult, my friends and I love to get some heat and sweat out the toxins after a night out. No better hangover cure than some amethyst crystals, banya borscht, and some heat!
Julius Tuberman-Solon
When you first walk through the front entrance of the bath house, it feels like you’ve entered another world. A world where you could leave all the stress of everyday life at the door. A place where the regulars call a second home, and for the newcomers to enjoy a new experience of a lifetime. A place where it seems you can put life on pause and just relax. No matter which location you are visiting, whether it be the one in the east village in New York City, or the one in Miami Beach; there’s one thing you can always count on... getting HOT. Both places have very hot Russian Room saunas; and that’s definitely the main attraction, while also offering many other amenities. The Russian Radiant Room is a room built of big stones, that has three faucets of water that never stop running cold water, and three buckets to pour the cold water over yourself. The “Russian” room as it’s called, is heated by an “oven” filled with huge stones that are heated overnight, and during the day radiate the heat. The strong heat mixed with the water makes it a comfortable wet sauna, where you can sit or lay down, get a very traditional Russian treatment called a platza, have conversation with other customers or friends, etc. The platza treatment is a very old fashioned traditional treatment, that you are able to do to yourself, or get it from a therapist, where you get slathered in oak leaf branches, opening your pores, and detoxifying your skin. Many other treatments are offered at the Russian Baths, in their designated treatment rooms, such as massages, Dead Sea mud scrubs, Dead Sea salt scrubs, and olive soap body washes, in which your skin gets detoxified, exfoliated, and washed. If you are looking to just use all of facilities, you can count on spending half the day, or even most of the day there. There are many different rooms, including the infrared room, “polar bear” cold room, Turkish hammam room, classic steam room, dry wood sauna, a fairly large saltwater jacuzzi, two cold water plunges, rain room, and hydrotherapy water hose room. And if you are in the mood for a Russian meal or snack, there is a Russian cafe that offers all the Delicious Russian classic foods. The facility as a whole is very clean, and they do everything they can to keep people safe from COVID-19. Staff is constantly sanitizing high touch areas, and there are currently a maximum capacity to each sauna. Everyone makes a great effort “together” for the overall safety of everybody including staff and customers, and encourages people to stay 6 feet apart. ALL the rooms are deeply cleaned every morning, and ALL cold water plunges and the jacuzzi are drained and scrubbed clean. The front desk and staff are very helpful and inviting and will gladly walk you through the experience. You can purchase their products as well at the front desk, like your own Dead Sea mud and salt scrubs, soap, essential oils, loofas, and their own line of clothing, like sweatshirts, t shirts, hats, etc. The Russian Baths have been operating with the owners that run the place now for over 30 years. Being visited by many world famous celebrities, such as, Colin Farrell, John Travolta, Danny Devito, Justin Bieber, the place is fairly famous, and knows from travelers around the world, as well as the locals. Personally, I’ve been using both bath houses since I was a little boy and I gladly call this place my home. The staff, the clients, my family. A tradition that I call a vital part of my life, and I plan to pass on this tradition of cleansing the mind, body, and soul through saunas and steam rooms to my son, when he’s old enough to “shvitz.” I grew up in this place, and I’m more than proud to call it my home.
Alex Solon
This place is home. The people here are family. I was first taken here by my father and his father and now I bring my son and so the cycle of tradition continues. It’s become a place where my son brings his friends consequently the the bathhouse folklore gets passed to the next generation. I was always in awe of the stories going back and forth in the banter of the baths. From Lucky Luciano to Jim Baluchi, to the neighborhood grocer. From world traveler to the guy who’s lived across the street for the last 40 years. The bathhouse in Miami is completely different from New York in the sense that your no longer in a New York brownstone basement your in the tropics. The baths are huge and on the beach. I take a dip in the pool before jumping in the ocean as a ritual. At around 4:20 I like to take a break on the beach or anytime when I’m here. I’ve been going to Miami my whole life and the last 25 years the Russian Baths in Miami have been one of the reasons I come back to Miami and funny enough the people here, Luis, Misha, Nadia at the restaurant, are also now family.
Jacquelyn Camerota
The Russian & Turkish baths is an amazing clean facility I come to multiple times a week to de stress and get all the toxins out of my body. They have amazing products in the front for sale my favorite being the mud & salt scrub !! The Russian room is definitely my favorite because there is nothing like it I’ve ever experienced because this facility is the only place that has one! It’s really good to come and just relax for a couple hours, get a massage or a treatment or for all the amenities. The staff is really nice and the two guys working at the front are super helpful! The one taller guy Julius, is always helping me when I lock my stuff in the wrong locker and is giving me extra towels! He’s super helpful, they both are!!
1111 Media Group
LUIS The Gatekeeper is awesome! He never seems to disappoint. 🙌🏼 My wife and I will be coming back to this place and time and time again thank you for all you guys offer.
Escritos de Sara
The best place in the world. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ If you are looking for a high end spa. This place is not for you. This is for the ones looking for healing, detox, endurance, wellness.. Nobody cares what you are wearing, or how your body looks. This place is informal, excellent for people that are really into saunas! “It’s not for snobby people that lay down on a heated rock to look at each other’s swimwear.”(absurd). . People like me have been going to this place for over 12 years. To keep our mind, body in harmony and body in shape. Very clean And empty during the week. During the weekends there is more people, the facility so it will not look maybe as clean. But once you go there on a regular you realized how good this place makes you feel, how much it helps your body. It’s fun. You can come with your partner and friends. It has a pool outside and the ocean. There is a good Restaurant for juices, soup and refreshments. Luis in the front desk is great! He is friendly, helpful and great in costumer service. The massages are incredible! Best massages ever. Sandra, her sister and all the girls there are incredible! . If you understand the Benefits of this place. Trust me. You will not even care that maybe is not the cleanest spa. Love this place.
Alma Barberena
First time there! It was amazing. I want to go back. It's a place to go with time. It's great going alone or with friends. I had amazing tour guides (friends) that showed me around as well. We definitely left relaxed and feeling beautifully radiant. There is so many details that make this place great. It's been there for a real long time, glad I was able to indulge.